Equestrian Hair Care: How to Avoid Helmet Hair

Don’t you ever get tired of using hair spray & hair nets to keep your hair pinned back underneath your helmet at a horse show?  In our experience, hair spray dries out hair and breaks it down, allowing frizz and tangles to takeover.  On top of that, hair is covered all day by my helmet, leaving a perfect opportunity to use a Hair Mask or a Leave-In Deep Conditioner! Both products are strong enough to hold hair into place (without a hair net!) and supportive enough to nourish & replenish damaged hair.  It’s a win-win!

While we do enjoy some expensive brands (Moroccan Oil!) Fekkai – Shea Butter – Damage Protecting Hair Mask is a great alternative at a much, much lower price.

If you’re more inclined to make your own hair care products, try this recipe:

2 Tbs – Coconut Oil

2 Tbs – (your favourite) Hair Mask or Leave-in Deep Conditioner

1 Tbs – Olive Oil

As riders, we all accept weekends of helmet hair, but we don’t need to wake up Monday morning with weak, damaged hair. Plus, using a restorative hair care product prevents the need to use hair nets!