How We Make Horse Bedding

Each day we receive 100% British sourced virgin softwood wood chips. These wood chips are freshly cut and can be exposed to the weather or humidity meaning that they may contain moisture when delivered. This could be used for horse bedding but the result would be inconsistent as well as being difficult to transport.

To ensure a quality product we start the process by drying the wood chips in one of our large dryer drums, this provides consistent quality, low moisture content and a high density. The dryers act as a large tumble dryer to evaporate any excess moisture.


After drying, the wood is pressed through dies at high pressure. This process causes the wood to heat up and release natural lignins that bind the wood pellet together. This process also determines the density of the pellet, the diameter, the durability, and the length. All of these characteristics are very important for consistent pellet appearance and product quality.

The pellets come out of the mill very hot at over 200 degrees, we use cooling tower to bring the temperature down and solidify the pellets. After cooling, the wood pellets are stored in a large silo to await bagging, before making their way to your stable.