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Horse of the year prize winners

Olympic Riding Weekend Prize Winners!

We've finally recovered from the incredible response we received from you guys at this year's Horse of the Year show. It was a real pleasure to get a little time to hear your... read more

Equestrian Hair Care: How to Avoid Helmet Hair

Don’t you ever get tired of using hair spray & hair nets to keep your hair pinned back underneath your helmet at a horse show?  In our experience, hair spray dries out hair... read more

How Much is Enough? – Bedding and Trailer Rides

Show season is a time when many of us trailer every weekend to a new barn, a cross-country course, or just out to the trails for a well-deserved trail ride. We’ve been on... read more

Top 10 Tips to Survive the Winter Freeze!

Top 10 Tips and Products to get you through the last of this icy cold spring. 1. Go South. If you can’t go South make sure you’re barn/arena is heated and at the very... read more

Tips on caring for your horse

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