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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my order be delivered?

Our standard delivery is between 2-3 working days.

How much product do I need to use for my stable?

The amount you will need will depend upon the nature of your horse and the size of your stable, however, we recommend 8 to 10 bags of our pellets for a 12 x 12 ft stable. Add 2-3 more bags if banks are required.

Are your products absorbent?

Yes. Blue Ribbon Horse is very absorbent 4-5 inches of bedding will provide quick absorbency, trapping the wet spots, reducing ammonia levels spreading in the stable.

Can I use Rubber Matting?

Yes Blue Ribbon wood pellet bedding is suitable to be used with rubber matting.

How do I muck out Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding?

Just like you would with any other bedding product, remove the area saturated with urine, remove any manure then rake the bedding and spread any unused pellets over the stable area. Add fresh pellets to the stable to maintain 4 inches of bedding.

What is Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding made from?

Blue Ribbon Horse Bedding is made from FSC Certified natural 100% virgin wood pellets, all sourced from within the UK.

Tips on caring for your horse

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